Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Motel vs Condo

When people book a beach trip, often they think of a condo over a hotel or motel. Over the past years, Panama City has been taken over by large condos causing some of the small treasures of the beach to be overlooked.   We would like to break down the real differences between the new condos and traditional hotels and motels.
The first difference is obvious, size. Condos are normally large, high rise buildings that house hundreds of rooms while motels are your average size building that cannot house as many people. This difference can actually be a pro for a motel. With a smaller capacity comes less wait times at elevators,  less noise and more room on the beach. Although condo's buildings are larger, most private beach areas are about the same size, resulting for a very crowded beach. The pool area is often another problem at condos. The small area cannot accommodate the amount of people staying in the large condo rooms. Offering three to four bedroom condos can often mean you have 10+ people staying in one room. Since motels are so much smaller, you can expect a much smaller crowd. 

The next difference may be a deal breaker for most, price. Motels are significantly less expensive than condos in many ways. Not only are their rates lower, but they are also more likely to run specials. Another great thing about motels is you don't have to worry about all of those added fees you run into while renting a condo. With a condo you can expect to pay a large security deposit upfront as well as a hefty cleaning fee when you check out. Although these security deposits are normally refundable, it usually takes weeks for you to actually receive your refund. With a motel, not only do you not have to worry about security deposits and cleaning fees, you get your room cleaned daily. Motels offer a maid service for their guests that condos do not. When you stay at a motel, you can expect your made beds, fresh towels, vacuumed carpet and replaced toiletries daily. You are on vacation, the last thing you want to do is clean. In condos, you are supplied with a washer and dryer to wash your own towels daily and you may or may not be supplied with a vacuum cleaner. With all the sand tracking in and out, you don't want your vacation to be a chore. 

Hotel and Motels can also be safer and more convenient with families traveling with kids. It always seems as soon as you get down to the beach, one of the kids are hungry or forgot something. At condos a trip back to the room could consist of a long walk, an elevator wait and traveling up fifteen plus floors. That is not a trip you want your child to make by themselves. Staying at a motel, you have a smaller distance to travel back to your room and a far less elevator time, often just using the stairs.

Another problem some people run into when renting a condo is the amount of nights required to rent. Often in the summer, condos will have a minimum amount of nights you can stay. Motels understand that you may not be able to stay for a week and are far more flexible for their guests. 

If you are looking for a fun, affordable trip to the beach, a motel may be the right choice for you. With a smaller crowd, less fees and clean rooms you are sure to have a wonderful, stress-free vacation. 

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